STRIDE validated in human in-vivo samples in collaboration with AstraZeneca

KRAKÓW, POLAND, 17 November 2023 – In the realm of DNA repair and targeted therapies, accurate detection and quantification of DNA damage are essential for evaluating drug PD effects and the efficacy of treatments. While conventional antibody-based IF methods have been widely employed in in vitro studies, they often face limitations when applied to clinical samples like FFPE tissue sections and liquid biopsies.

To address these challenges, intoDNA and AstraZeneca have collaborated on several experiments to validate STRIDE as a groundbreaking tool for analysing DNA breaks induced by DNA-damaging therapeutics and targeted DDR inhibitors.

Our latest poster showcases the compelling results of this collaboration, demonstrating STRIDE's superior sensitivity and accuracy in detecting DNA damage across various clinical sample types.

Magda Kordon, CEO at intoDNA

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Covered in this poster are:

  • validation of STRIDE in PBMCs and FFPE tissue sections
  • applicability of STRIDE across different types of tumours
  • quantification of both endogenous DNA breaks and those induced by DNA-damaging therapeutics and DNA Damage Response (DDR) inhibitors