About Us

At intoDNA we challenge the status quo in DNA break detection, offering an assay that revolutionizes early diagnostics and treatment.

About Us

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At intoDNA we challenge the status quo in DNA break detection, offering an assay that revolutionizes early diagnostics and treatment.

We’re on a mission

to enhance the quality of DNA damage diagnostics and to improve any therapies where DNA integrity matters.

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intoDNA is a growing biotech start-up that offers an end-to-end process for DNA break detection with STRIDE, its proprietary technology. Through its discovery and development, the company drives the full potential of its versatile tool to detect DNA lesions in a variety of cellular and molecular structures.

Our leadership team consists of people with pioneering research and business achievement.

With an outstanding team, including biophysicists, engineers and entrepreneurs, intoDNA is at the forefront of innovation by delivering highly sensitive DNA damage detection.

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Our story

The company was founded in 2017, when four scientists Magda, Kamil, Mirek and Jurek were prompted to commercialize their discovery and scale it to bring it to many researchers.

During their research at Jagiellonian University they encountered challenges in direct DNA damage labelling which drove them to develop their own tool to detect individual single- and double-strand DNA lesions at a high precision – STRIDE technology.


Magda Kordon-Kiszala, PhD

Founder, CEO Linkedin

Kamil Solarczyk, PhD

Founder, CTO Linkedin

Agata Wierzbicka

COO Linkedin

Prof. Jerzy Dobrucki, PhD


Magda Kordon-Kiszala, PhD

Founder, CEO

Kamil Solarczyk, PhD

Founder, CTO

Mirek Zarębski, PhD


Mike Dillon, PhD


Our Team

Our people play a vital role in pioneering high-quality DNA analysis tool spanning the intersection of data science and analytics, molecular biology and biophysics.

Magdalena Bartyńska

Junior Scientist

Łukasz Bęben

Lead Data Scientist

Katarzyna Białas, PhD

Senior Scientist

Maja Białecka, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist

Monika Jarosz, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist

Szymon Koman

Data Scientist

Karolina Korpanty

Data Analyst

Anna Kotańska

Founders’ Associate and Executive Assistant

Jadwiga Kownacka-Bator

Administrative and Operations Manager

Gabriela Kongstad

Administrative and Operations Specialist

Krzysztof Kulka

Security Lead

Jakub Lechowski

Junior Data Analyst

Ewelina Matuszyk, PhD

Scientist II

Serhii Mesmer

IT Specialist

Sophie Ostrowska-Paton

Junior Scientist

Anna Pastuszko-Polut

Scientist I

Zsombor Prucsi

Scientist II

Franek Sierpowski

Junior Scientist

Przemysław Stachura

Software Engineer

Karolina Stępień, PhD

Senior Scientist

Małgorzata Szczygieł, PhD

Senior Scientist

Anna Uherek

Senior Director of Business Development

Mateusz Walczak

Quality Assurance Consultant

Wiktor Walewski

Head of IT

Agnieszka Waligórska, PhD

VP of Biology

Wojciech Wołoszyn

Software Tester

Olga Wójcikowska

Scientist I


Join intoDNA

Advancing and commercialising DNA break detection to a new level is an interdisciplinary challenge. We are looking for people with diverse scientific, software and operations expertise.