Magda Kordon, CEO attending the 2022 Gordon Research Conference on DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer

Magda Kordon will present translational research data on STRIDE at the Gordon Research Conference From DNA Damage, Repair and Replication to Immune Activation and Cancer Therapy in Ventura, CA. The results are from a collaborative study on the detection of DNA damage with STRIDE as a new pharmacodynamic biomarker.

KRAKÓW, POLAND, 24 February 2022 – intoDNA returns to in person meetings and will participate in the Gordon Research Conference on DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer on March 6-11, 2022 in Ventura, CA. This biennial meeting will focus on merging basic mechanisms in DNA damage repair and mutagenic processes with the latest gene-editing technology and knowledge of immune activation to the development of cancer diagnoses and therapies. The conference aims to consider new approaches and technologies and Magda Kordon-Kiszala, CEO will contribute to the meeting with data on intoDNA’s novel technology STRIDE from a translational study, where it was used to label single- and double-strand DNA breaks in human PBMCs and FFPE sections from breast, ovarian and prostate cancer biopsies.

GRC DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer Conference

The Gordon Research Conferences provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research. They bring together a global network of scientists to discuss the latest pre-publication research in the field. The DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer meeting dates back to 2000 and it has been held regularly every other year to stimulate constructive interactions among the international group of experts. The 2022 meeting will focus on the development of cancer diagnoses and therapies with a particular interest in the causes and consequences of replication stress including DNA secondary structures, replication and transcription conflicts and genome instability.