Selected Publications

Explore our seminal paper and other research work featuring STRIDE.

STRIDE—a fluorescence method for direct, specific in situ detection of individual single- or double-strand DNA breaks in fixed cells

Magdalena M Kordon, Mirosław Zarębski, Kamil Solarczyk, Hanhui Ma, Thoru Pederson, Jurek W Dobrucki

Ubiquitinated PCNA drives USP1 synthetic lethality in cancer

Antoine Simoneau, Justin Engel, Madhavi Bandi, Katherine Lazarides, Shangtao Liu, et al.

Breakage of CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Chromosome Bridges in Mitotic Cells

Marina Rodriguez-Muñoz, Martina Serrat, David Soler, Anna Genescà and Teresa Anglada

PARP7 negatively regulates the type I interferon response in cancer cells and its inhibition triggers antitumor immunity

Joseph Gozgit, Melissa Vasbinder, Ryan Abo, Kaiko Kunii, Kristy Kuplast-Barr, et al.