intoDNA joins the BioInMed initiative gathering key medical biotechnology companies in Poland

KRAKÓW, POLAND, 18 July 2022 – intoDNA becomes a member of the Polish Association of Innovative Medical Biotechnology Companies, launched in October 2021. As the biotechnology sector has been experiencing dynamic growth, the number of BioInMed members increase to include key companies engaged in drug development, diagnostic methods, and other supporting technologies in the region. The association aims to foster the collaboration of member companies with public administration in the hope of further advancement of the biotechnology sector in Poland.

We are happy to be joining the initiative. BioInMed’s support and mutual support and collaboration of the member companies strengthen the biotechnology sector in Poland and accelerate its development. We look forward to joining this exceptional group and exchanging our ideas and experiences with the leaders of key biotechs in the country.

Magda Kordon, CEO at intoDNA


The BioInMed association currently includes 17 member companies. Through its members, it gathers a variety of specializations in, cell and gene therapy, biological therapies, targeted therapeutics, stem cells, biomolecules, and biosensors among many others, which are worldwide trends in research and development. The initiative was launched in October 2021 and is led by Marta Winiarska, CEO.