Genetic material of human cells can be damaged by endogenous processes (Lindahl, December 8, 2015) and various external factors (Helleday et al., 2014).

Maintaining DNA integrity is extremely important for living organisms in order to stably store and transfer genetic information through generations. Dysfunction of DNA repair mechanisms and even a slight increase of the level of DNA damage may contribute to infertility, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and many other disorders.

We believe that a highly sensitive assay for detection of DNA damage can revolutionise the field of early diagnostics and treatment of many disorders.

A lack of an assay for direct, highly sensitive and specific detection of DNA breaks in cell nuclei made us develop our own tools for detection of individual single- and double-strand DNA lesions.

intoDNA is on a mission to enhance understanding and quality of DNA damage diagnostics and to improve any therapies where DNA integrity matters.

Our proprietary technology let us develop a new, pioneering high-quality diagnostic tool. Our goal is to advance its applications in the fields of:

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